Andrew Lonie

Andrew Lonie is Director of Melbourne Bioinformatics, Director of the EMBL Australia Bioinformatics Resource (EMBL-ABR), and an associate professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences at the University of Melbourne, where he coordinates the MSc (Bioinformatics). Andrew directs a group of bioinformaticians, computational biologists and HPC specialists within Melbourne Bioinformatics and EMBL-ABR to collaborate with and support life sciences researchers in a variety of research projects across Australia.

Andrew Isaac

Dr. Andrew Isaac is the Melbourne Bioinformatics Platforms Lead, providing core hardware and software infrastructure for Melbourne Bioinformatics’s HPC and cloud capabilities with a team of staff responsible for institute, state and national HPC compute and storage allocation, access and support, as well as cloud computing through Virtual Laboratory hosting, support, development, methodology and training.

Simon Gladman

Simon is a research scientist at Melbourne Bioinformatics. He is a developer for the GVL, particularly the microbial GVL. He is also the lead implementer of shared services using the GVL.

Torsten Seemann

Torsten Seemann is lead bioinformatician for the microbial genomics theme at Melbourne Bioinformatics. He works on the command line software, data set components, and training material for the Microbial GVL.

Clare Sloggett

Clare is a senior research scientist at Melbourne Bioinformatics. She is a developer of the GVL mainly on the incorporation of Jupyter and R-Studio as well as the GVL command line utilities.

Nuwan Goonasekera

Nuwan is a research scientist at Melbourne Bioinformatics. He is currently working primarily on the backend infrastructure of the GVL, including supporting projects such as CloudLaunch, CloudMan and the GVL playbooks.

Jessica Chung

Jessica Chung is a bioinformatician at Melbourne Bioinformatics. She is an administrator for Galaxy Melbourne and helps with the development of the GVL.

Anna Syme

Anna Syme is a bioinformatician at Melbourne Bioinformatics. She works on the tutorials and workflows in the GVL. In particular, she is expanding the resource to include more information about bacterial genomics.

Peter Georgeson

Peter is a bioinformatician at Melbourne Bioinformatics. He helps add new components to the GVL platform and contributes to the GVL training materials.

Enis Afgan

Enis Afgan is a research scientist at Johns Hopkins University and member of the GVL project. He works on the complete cloud software stack that enables the GVL platform.

Igor Makunin

Igor provides support for the public GVL server Galaxy-QLD. He liaises with scientists, deals with user problems and does Galaxy training.

Derek Benson

Derek is the primary systems administrator of the public GVL server Galaxy-QLD. He brings his expertise in virtualization and the cloud to assist users of the GVL to better use the platform. As well as this he is involved in testing, bug fixing, and wrapping tools for the Galaxy platform.


Mike Pheasant

Ron Horst

Madison Flannery

Madison Flannery was a Bioinformatics Platforms Developer at Melbourne Bioinformatics. She worked on and maintained GenomeSpace, as well as the addition of new tools to the microbial GVL.